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We match business needs with technology solutions. We specialize in Tracking, Imaging, Data Analytics and Machine Learning. We develop prototypes and end-solutions for Smartphones, Desktops, Web and Cloud.

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DroneMaps Visit web site

Dynamic 3D Maps.

Maps are often presented in 2D, providing static orthogonal views. We provide maps in 3D based on accurate elevation data. Our maps are brought to life with spectacularly moving 'drone-based' cameras and animated tracks. This greatly enhances the user experience and allows your web app to stand out!

We offer components that can seamlessly be integrated in any Web app to increase competitiveness.

Technologies: Three.js, HTML5, Angular, CSS, GPS.

RealityRoads Visit web site

Technology for Indoor Cycling Apps.

Indoor Cycling apps provide videos of famous rides during exercises. Our technology boosts realism and thrill level of these videos, offering the ultimate racing experience. It provides unique animated and configurable Augmented Reality objects and competitors. And it provides stunning special effects to existing videos to increase realism and thrill level.

We offer components that can seamlessly be integrated in any Indoor Cycling app to increase competitiveness and to allow for additional monetization options by in-app Ads.

Technologies: Three.js, HTML5, Angular, Leaflet, CesiumJS, CSS, image and video analysis, Python, GPS.

Trackalyzer Visit web site

GPS track analyzer and route creator.

Trackalyzer is a webapp to analyze your GPS tracks, recorded while cycling or running. It shows various figures, charts and details about each track and about your performance during recording that track. A highly configurable algo is supported to compute your cycling power. It furthermore integrates Google Streetview and a 3D flyover, to revive you tracks in breathtaking detail.

Technologies: HTML5, Angular, Leaflet, CesiumJS, Material Design, Trackalyzer, CSS, Google Firebase Services.

TrackMe Visit web site

Autonomous Arbitration for cycling races.

TrackMe is a demonstrator of Autonomous Arbitration for cycling races. Unlike professional sports measurement and arbitration systems, TrackMe does not rely on expensive measurement equipment, but uses the smartphones of the participating athletes for tracking.

A straightforward app uploads the GPS position of each athlete at a regular interval during the race. The TrackMe technology closely tracks each athlete's position to conclude if he/she is properly following the planned race trajectory. It furthermore reports various in-race metrics, like athlete's speed, rank, and progress. An event table shows immediately (live!) when a group is split off and takes the lead, when a leading group is pulled back by the peloton. When an athlete finishes, a clear table shows his/her exact finish time, and the time difference to the winner of the race.

Technologies: HTML5, Angular, PubNub real-time communication platform, Google Maps, Bootstrap, CSS.

2021 Visit web site

Automated trading in crypto currencies. is a FinTech platform where consumers can select bots for autonomous trading in crypto currencies. These bots are provided by third parties. We developed over 20 bots that participated in this ecosystem. The strategies of these bots were based on a combination of Technical Analysis (trend analysis based on Bollinger Bands and Linear Regression), AI/Deep Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Neuro Economics and Bayesian Inference. Coin markets are influenced by human emotions where people show biased behavior depending on when they started and stopped investing in the market. By applying Bayesian Inference on volume changes of the market, the bot tries to predict when people will sell or will again buy positions and acts on these signals accordingly.

Back end technologies: Azure Functions. Data analysis technologies: Python, Pandas. Website technologies: HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS, ApexCharts.

DatKanGroener Visit web site

Technology for households to save on energy and water usage.

Households consume lots of electricity, gas, and water, adding up to considerable yearly costs between 2.000 and 3.000 Euro. Saving on costs and CO2 emission is pretty hard since the yearly bill does not specify how the electricity, gas, and water consumptions took place. For the DatKanGroener initiative (Dutch for 'Try to become greener'), we developed the GreenBox, a small device that connects to the central electricity, gas, and water meters of a household. With latest AI/DataAnalytics techniques, it segments the energy usage into 15 categories, like shower usage, standby electricity consumption, electricity for cooler/freezer, etc. It provides insights per category how this compares to peer households, it provides concrete tips how to save and it shows trends that make clear if attempts to save energy take effect.

GreenBox technologies: RaspberryPI, Python. Data analysis technologies: Python, Pandas. Website technologies: AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS.

FlashOrder Visit web site

System to efficiently manage orders, quotations and invoices.

Is your company offering articles from several suppliers in taylor made propositions, and does this imply much work in setting up quotations, invoices and order forms? Then you have probably noticed that mistakes are made easily; that the wrong articles are offered for the wrong price, or that order forms do not match the articles you quoted. With FlashOrder, you can efficiently setup orders for your customers and generate quotations and invoices. The system offers views to manage your workflow from request-for-proposal up to invoicing, with different rights for you and your employees. The system can easily generate order forms for you suppliers as well, and guarantee that these are consistent with the earlier sent quotations.

Technologies: AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS.

PayChk Visit web site

Professional service to find double payments.

For medium-sized to large companies, the creditor administration can be flawed. As a result, unnecessary payments are made, for example double payments by mistake or fraudulent payments. PayChk is a professional service to mine creditor data to detect and refund such payments. It is set up in close collaboration with our partner and offered on a no-cure-no-pay basis.

Technologies: Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Model Fitting, Fuzzy Logic.

Strava Analytics Visit web site

Android power app for Strava addicts.

Analytics is a companion app for Strava. Find, filter and sort your activities easily. Check for which segments your odds are best to beat your followers and to win the Crown.

Technologies: Android SDK, Java, Strava API, Android Studio, WebRequests.

2018 - 2019
Crowd Smart

Broad technology basis to service geo-referenced images at scale.

Crowd Smart extends CycloMedia’s high resolution, high accuracy street level imagery database with imagery of much more recency. To achieve this, low cost cameras on vehicles of their partners are used that capture and upload images at full automation.

A broad technology basis was developed to service geo-referenced images at scale. This comprised ultra fast and scalable backend services including versatile monitoring and control options, an interactive viewer plugin, tools to upload images from various action cams and prosumer cams, and an Android based recorder that fully autonomously captures and uploads images to the backend. The backend technology was based on the technology as developed for Track The Planet.

A pilot with the municipality of Zwolle, The Netherlands demonstrates the use cases this technology enables.

Backend technologies: Azure, WebAPI, WebJobs, C#, SignalR. Website technologies: AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, CSS. Android recorder technologies: Android SDK, Java, Eclipse, GPS, GPX, WebRequests, SQLite.

2017 - 2018
Big Brother

Remotely check and control your kids' smartphones.

Big Brother is an Android app that connects to all Android devices of your kids. You can remotely check their location, mute any annoying notification alerts, and send full-screen messages to notify your kids e.g. that dinner is ready.

Technologies: Google Firebase, Android SDK, Java, Android Studio, WebAPI, C#.

TOP discounts Visit web site

Search and find TOP discounts and save hundreds of Euros per year.

TOP discounts (in Dutch: 'TOP aanbiedingen') is an initiave where we developed multiple Android apps to allow users to browse and easily find great discounts for various products, like energy contracts, SIM-only contracts, TV/phone/internet contracts, summer holidays, winter holidays, and more.

Technologies: Android SDK, Java, Android Studio.

2016 - 2018
Track The Planet Visit web site

We live on a great planet, a planet we must explore.

The Track The Planet initiative is to inspire people to explore our beautiful planet by providing a platform to share tracks, photos and stories. For each place on our planet, we monitor if it has been explored and by whom. Participants are therefore called explorers and can compete to become The Greatest Explorer.

Technologies: WebAPI, C#, SignalR, Azure, WebJobs, MySQL, Bootstrap 3, CSS, AngularJS, PayPal integration.

Tweet Beet Visit web site

We list the hottest tweets on earth, Tweets that matter

TweetBeet is a demo web app that continuously monitors and analyses the vast amount of tweets of the Twitter user community. It clusters tweets per subject and per geography, to show you in real-time which hot topics pop up in your neighborhood.

Technologies: WebAPI, C#, SignalR, Azure, Bootstrap 3, CSS, AngularJS.

2015 - 2016
Spotty Visit web site

People typically use over 3 different apps if they listen to radio stations and Spotify tunes on their smartphones and SONOS systems. Spotty replaces these apps and offers all functionality in ONE app. With "Spotty Connect", you can use an other smartphone or tablet to connect to your home stereo and control it remotely. Comparable with "Spotify Connect / Gramofon" from Spotify and "SONOS Connect" from SONOS ... except that this is for free!

Technologies: Android SDK and NDK, Java, JNI, C, Eclipse, Spotify API, ASP.NET, MySQL

Hi There Visit web site

HiThere is a solution for restaurants and hotels where waiters cannot easily oversee all tables and/or meeting rooms. It offers customers the option to notify a waiter if they need service. Where other technologies require complex infrastructures and substantial investments, HiThere is a low cost solution using off-the-shelf technology.

HiThere is a demonstrator to show case an innovative notification service based on smartphone technology.

Technologies: WebAPI, C#, Azure, Bootstrap 3, CSS, AngularJS.

2013 - 2015
Kid Sound Toys

Very easy fun app for young kids. Learn the sounds of farm animals (real animal sounds!): sheep, duck, rabbit, chicken, turkey, bull, donkey, cow, and horse. Play with instruments: piano, flute, and trumpet. Play drums with realistic drum sounds. Fun sounds, easy to use and great animations!

KidSoundToys has been downloaded by over 25.000 users.

Technologies: Android SDK, Java, Eclipse, In-app Billing API.

2005 - 2020
Tracky Visit web site

Tracky is an off-road navigation app for Android smartphones. You can record tracks and Points Of Interest, analyse your performance, navigate along tracks, use various online and offline maps and track your buddies in real-time. Tracky integrates Google and Yahoo search, photos from Panoramio, hotspots from Wikipedia, tracks from and geocaches from

Tracky is a big hit. The app and its free trial variants Compass and TrackyTry have been downloaded by over 2 million users in Googles and Samsungs app stores! It is ranked with 4.5 out of 5 stars. It was awarded the 2nd prize in the SAMSUNG SMART APP CHALLENGE 2012 competition (category 'non-games'), a global contest organized by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tracky technologies: Android SDK, Java, Eclipse, GPS, GPX, WebRequests, SQLite, Mapsforge. Website technologies: HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS. Backend technologies: Classic ASP, SQLServer. Offline maps are based on Open Street Maps (OSM) and packaged with Osmosis, Mapsforge Mapfile Writer plugin and scripting. In the past, also Windows Mobile phones were supported, technologies: Embedded Visual C++ 4.0.

2009 - 2012
AAA-Gamez Visit web site

AAA-Gamez features a set of Xbox games made available via the Xbox Indie Games market place. In Rock4U you collect all diamonds that are hidden in separate rooms and covered with blocks; dig into the walls, push away obstacles and switch the gravity field direction to reach them! In Catch22 you catch shapes flying in from various directions and prevent growing too big and getting stuck. Snake4D is a creative variation of the classic snake game. SmackPack combines these three games for an attractive price. Each game serves multiple levels at increasing complexity.

Our games have been downloaded by over 10.000 users. They have been phased out in 2012.

We developed a powerfull platform component allowing for grid based level design, player interaction, animations, special effects, menu design and global rankings. Each game uses this platform on top of which the actual game play is realized. Technologies: C#, XNA, Visual Studio, Xbox 360.

2006 - 2007
Sudo Contest Visit web site

SudoContest is a Sudoku game for mobile phones featuring great looking symmetric sudoku puzzles of three difficulty levels. You compete with all other players in a global ranking and win monthly prizes if you solve the Sudoku fastest.

SudoContest has been downloaded by over 50.000 users. It has been phased out in 2008.

In cooperation with FunFunGames, we developed the backend systems for generating and hosting the sudoku puzzles and tracking player results. We developed the web site showing actual and historic rankings. Technologies: C, Visual Studio, TCP/IP, sockets, HTML, Flash.

2004 - 2006
Fun Run + Fun Gamble Visit web site

FunRun is the first true massive multi-player action game for mobile phones! You play against people from all over the world in real-time. FunGamble is a slot machine game for mobile phones and demonstrates the potential of secure server controlled gambling.

FunRun and FunGamble have been downloaded by over 30.000 users.

In cooperation with FunFunGames, we developed the backend systems for both apps to support reliable massive multi-player gaming. The backend systems are responsible for controlling game flow and tracking game results. Technologies: C, Visual Studio, TCP/IP, sockets.


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